Monday, March 27, 2017

The Ticks are Coming!! 3 Natural Solutions For Tick Season

With spring officially started and the weather pattern starting to warm, it will soon be time for tick season. Ticks are not only annoying but can cause a lot of damage if they aren't prevented or caught soon enough including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more. One of the best ways to help protect your pets from ticks is prevention. While it's always important to check with your vet to see what they recommend, this article share talks about some other natural ways to help prevent ticks from attaching to your beloved pets!

The three areas mentioned are:

1. Dietary Tick Preventatives
2. Topical/External Tick Preventatives 
3. Environmental Tick Preventatives
To learn more about these topics and how you can protect your pet, visit the article link here! 

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meet Our Humans: Stephanie!

Today we are continuing our 'Meet Our Humans' series so you can get to know all of our wonderful staff! As you may or may not know, we are a professional dog walking & pet care business in Leesburg, Virginia. However, we also serve a large client base in Purcellville, Virginia too! If you are in the Purcellville area and are looking for a professional, reliable and affordable pet sitter or dog walker we want you to give us a shout at Of course we know you have many choices out there so that is why we are taking the time for you to get to know each and every one of us. Up next is one of our newest humans, Stephanie!!

"I have been a dog lover my entire life.  Now that my human children are in high school and moving on, I am rebuilding my career around my love of dogs.  Last summer through Pat Miller’s intensive program at Peaceable Paws, I became a certified dog trainer.  I started walking dogs for Walking Wet Noses in February 2017 in addition to starting my own dog training business – Sugar Dog Training. My current dog is an adorable miniature Aussiedoodle, Roxy, who is an obsessive frisbee catcher and “circus” trick performer.  I am a native to Northern Virginia and have lived in the town of Leesburg since 2010." - Stephanie 

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