Sunday, December 16, 2018

Home for the Holidays | Guest Blog Spot by Sarah Jones

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company is proudly supporting Sarah's efforts to improve dogs' fortunes in Armenia through her work with Pawsitive Rescue Armenia. Please help her ensure that the dogs in the shelter can get fed TWICE a day through the winter months by supporting her gofundme fundraiser -- and if you have some room  for an adoptee from halfway around the world read on!

Tis the season for pet adoption! A time when families get together and decide to open their hearts and their homes to a new furry friend. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can do this both near and far and make a big difference in a dog's life who otherwise would, sadly, never get adopted in their own country. I never knew this option existed and how easy it is to adopt a dog from overseas until I started volunteering at Pawsitive Rescue in Armenia.

Pawsitive Rescue has a multitude of dogs, like Hamo, Lexie, Bobie, and Neo pictured here, available for adoption in all shapes and sizes, and has several special needs dogs who desperately need a loving home in the US where they can get the care they need and the love they deserve. The best part is there are no adoption fees and for those who cannot afford the transportation (which ranges depending upon the airline, the size of the dog, and how they travel),  Pawsitive Rescue will help you raise the money by reaching out to its supporters and saying “HEY! We found this dog a loving family, help us get him home!”

Previously, adoptions occurred mostly in CA, NY and NC, but now, with the help of The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the dogs at Pawsitive Rescue Armenia can be adopted by people and families in the Loudoun County and DMV area.

Dogs hoping for a new home for the holidays are on the Pawsitive Rescue Facebook album called Ready to Adopt. Just click to read their story (google can translate for you if needed, most have English too). If you fall in love with one of them just contact the shelter via Facebook @pawsitivearmenia to let them know you're interested, ask any questions, have a home check done if you are not already a LPSC client, and discuss transportation and timing options with the shelter.

If you are not looking to adopt at the moment, but still want to help, dogs can also be sponsored with monthly donations to the shelter, which pays for veterinary care and shelter expenses for that dog. For more information about sponsoring a dog please contact the shelter via Facebook @pawsitivearmenia.

To contribute to Sarah's efforts to feed the shelter dogs go to PROJECT SANTA PAWS.

Monday, December 3, 2018

HO HO BARK! We're Sending Santa Paws Overseas!

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company is proud to announce that this holiday season we are partnering with our colleague Sarah Jones in her fundraising campaign PROJECT SANTA PAWS, to feed 2 meals a day during the cold Armenian winter to 127 dogs at the shelter where she is volunteering. At the moment they are only fed once a day.

We believe that all animals around the globe should have the chance to experience care, safety, comfort and love and are excited to help Sarah in her efforts to make a huge difference so far from home. Sarah is the founder of Pawsome Palz Pet Sitting which merged with The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company over the summer.

When Sarah arrived in Armenia with her husband, who is working in the country for a year, she saw the heartbreaking situation regarding stray animals and the serious lack of shelters/support for them. She knew she had to do something and since she couldn't take them in herself, she decided to help those that do by volunteering at Pawsitive Rescue. After hearing the shelter founders mention how much they wish they could feed the dogs twice a day during winter she went from "How can I make this happen for them" to "I'm going to make this happen for them!" If you have ever met Sarah, she never backs down from a challenge, especially one she sets herself.

Therefore in addition to making a donation on in honor of our wonderful clients to Pawsitive Rescue Armenia, we aim to help Project Santa Paws reach audiences both near and far by sharing Sarah's story, information about her campaign and hope our readers will do the same by supporting her efforts.

Pawsitive Rescue is a no-kill shelter, in a low adoption area that runs purely on donations and volunteers like Sarah. We invite you to stay tuned as we will be featuring Sarah as a guest blogger with updates on the positive impact donations make, shelter life abroad and how to adopt these lovable pups,  back to the US.....including a cameo of Kiki, the pup she will be bringing back home with her in the spring to her horse farm in Purcellville, Va.

For more information please visit Project Santa Paws' webpage: or contact Sarah Jones directly at

Monday, November 19, 2018


Good morning all!

With the 2018 Holiday season in full swing, you might be wondering how you can help our animals in need this season, especially animals that are in shelters. Financial donations are always welcomed but there are also other ways you can give back and help out! If you don’t have a specific organization in mind, why not look for a local group that you can help by providing a financial donation, gifts-in-kind, or a few hours assisting with chores. All gifts provide much needed resources, and provide you with the joy of helping animals. Also, depending on the organization, your donation may be tax deductible.

Here are some other ideas about donating from our friends at!

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Traditional Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad and Good for Pets!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and while you are preparing your menu for yourself, friends or family it is important to think about what menu items your furry loved ones can and can't eat. Today we are sharing a quick article from which talks about six foods that your pets cannot have. Some of the foods listed might be obvious but others might surprise you!
6 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad for Cats and Dogs

It's always better to be safe than sorry so if you are unsure of a food but want to treat your pet to some Thanksgiving goodies, here are some alternatives that they can have thanks to an article from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.  7 Thanksgiving Foods Dogs Can Eat

Learn more about our professional pet and farm sitting services in Loudoun County, Virginia at:! And Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your Pets!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Fun in the Snow with Fido: Ways to Play with Your Dog in Winter

Dare we say it...there is a slight possibility of snow/freezing rain later this week. Which means winter is almost here and the odds of us having snow are getting higher by the day. So what does that mean for you? Fun in the snow with your dog!!! If you are like most of us, having the motivation to go outside and play with your dog in winter is a lot harder than other seasons. But thanks to this great article from PetMD, there are some fun indoor and outdoor things you can do with your dogs this winter!
Photo credit: PetMd

If you are looking for extra walks, potty breaks or help this winter with your pet, give us a call! Learn more about our professional pet sitting and dog walking services at:

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Keep Fidos Skin and Coat At Its Healthiest This Winter

Winter will be here before we know it and during the winter months, dry skin and excessive shedding are major concerns for pet owners. Thanks to, they have put together some of the top tips for keeping your pets coat in tip-top shape during the cold weather. Take a look at some of the article tips here!
Photo credit: WallpaperMania

If you are looking for help keeping your pets exercised this winter, have no fear! Contact us at to take a look at our terrific pet sitters and schedule your consultation today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Which Emotions Do Dogs Actually Experience?

Good morning!

Today's blog is sharing an article from Modern Dog Magazine which talks about emotions our dogs can experience. This article covers one author's opinions but does provide for a very interesting read with some thought-provoking points.

"Most people can read emotions in their dog quite easily. For example, you come home and your dog dances around wagging her tail, and you think to yourself, “Lady is happy to see me,” or “Lady really loves me.” Or perhaps you’re out on a walk and, at the approach of another canine, your dog freezes in place, his hackles raised, and gives a low throaty growl. We interpret this as “Rex does not like that dog. Seeing him makes Rex angry.” In such situations the emotional state of our dogs seems quite obvious. For this reason it is difficult for many people to understand that the existence of emotions in dogs was—and in some places still is—a point of scientific controversy (Modern Dog Magazine)."

Whether you agree with the article or not, you can be assured that we will love your pet and take care of them like our own at each visit! We take great care in working to learn your pet's behavior and know their likes and dislikes. You can rest assured that they are in the best of hands while you are away! Learn more about our services at:

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Today we are sharing a good article from Modern Dog Magazine entitled '12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs,' Oftentimes, we don't realize that some behaviors which are acceptable to us humans, can cause our canine friends a high level of discomfort or irritability. Why? Because many of them are unintentional and we are human so we think as humans, not as dogs do. But thanks to this article, you can take a look at a few of these behaviors and better learn how your dog might think or react.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Making a Good Checklist for Your Pet Sitter

We all wish we could bring our pets everywhere with us...(well, maybe not everywhere!) But unfortunately, some vacations and short getaways are not dog-friendly like that relaxing all-inclusive resort to celebrate your anniversary?

"When you must leave your dog behind, there are many doggie care options. You can board them, but that might not be the best move for your dog if he is skiddish, a wild puppy, or a cranky older dog who is set in his ways. In these cases, a dog sitter might be your best bet. And it might be the cheaper option if you can find a responsible neighborhood teenager looking for some extra cash."

You may think a lot of these tips are common sense, but this article from Pedigree might actually bring up some points you forgot to think about! For example, Number 8: "Make sure chew toys are clean and located in one place."

To learn more about what you should do before your dog sitter arrives, visit the article link here!

To schedule a consultation for your dog with one of our professional pet sitters visit:!

Monday, October 8, 2018

We Support Series: Part 9

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is a top-notch veterinary clinic and state-of-the-art facility, Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates!

Blue Ridge is a full-service veterinary practice based on the belief that their clients’ needs are of the utmost importance and their entire team is committed to meeting the needs of all guests. They have been serving Virginia for the past 25 years and have continued to help small animals of all kinds at their state-of-the-art facility. To learn more about their services visit:

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the services we provide and the other organizations we support visit us online at:

Monday, September 17, 2018

We Support Series: Part 8

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is a veterinary team that is second to none, Davis Equine!

Davis Equine is made up of Dr. Chad and Dr. Stephanie Davis! Chad and Stephanie Davis are equine sports medicine veterinarians located in northern Virginia. Dr. Chad grew up in southern California where his experience with horses started with all types of breeds and disciplines. He graduated from Ross University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008 and his final clinical year was spent at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. He was then hired as an associate veterinarian at Clarke Equine Wellness & Performance where he worked for several years. He now owns his own veterinary practice together with Dr. Stephanie Davis, aptly named, Davis Equine. Dr. Davis spent many years as a veterinary assistant and working in the pharmaceutical side of the veterinary business before attending veterinary school. He has been involved with many sports (show horses, Arabians, and quarter horses) and has been exposed to a wide variety of aspects of the horse industry In addition, Chad spent many years training as a professional cyclist, racing his bike all over the US.

Dr. Stephanie grew up in Indiana as an avid eventer. She continued her eventing career while in college, attending Indiana University and Otterbein College in Ohio and competing her mare, Music, through the one star level. After graduating in 2002 with dual majors in Molecular Biology and Equine Pre-Veterinary Sciences, she worked as a phlebotomist (in a human hospital) and spent time training as a farrier’s apprentice. Her experiences served her well when she went on to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. While in school she enjoyed traveling, including trips to India, South Africa and Thailand. She returned to the U.S. and completed her clinical rotations at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Stephanie spent two years working at the prestigious Virginia Equine Imaging, and 3 years at Clarke Equine Wellness & Performance. In September of 2013, she became co-owner (along with Dr. Chad Davis) of Davis Equine. Chad and Stephanie service all types of horses no matter their job description, but focus especially on the performance horse. Dr. Stephanie continues to consult for HAYGAIN hay steamers as well.

Learn more about Davis Equine and Team Ride Safe here! 

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the services we provide and the other organizations we support visit us online at:

We Support Series: Part 7

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is an organization that has been humanely helping horses since 1990, The Equine Rescue League!

"The Equine Rescue League is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1990 that supports the responsible use of working, sport and pleasure horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Our goals are to prevent the neglect or abuse of any equine, to offer educational programs to the community and to provide rehabilitation and adoption services for those animals in need of our services."

Click here to learn more about the Equine Rescue League and be sure to stop by their Fall Open House on October 21st, 2018 from 10:00am to 4:00pm to support this great group!

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the services we provide and the other organizations we support visit us online at:

We Support Series: Part 6

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is an organization that has been rescuing for over 12 years... The Gingersnap Girls!

"The Gingersnap Girls were founded in honor and memory of three mares, Calypso, Chrissy and Flag who were each saved from the slaughter truck by their own angels.

Each came to them from different places and each at different times, but together they were The Gingersnap Girls, leaving a legacy of strength, hope, and courage in the quest to help save other slaughter bound equines, in addition to providing aid to any equine enduring abuse, neglect, or misunderstanding. Each had an abiding and overwhelming love of gingersnaps!

The Gingersnap Girls Equine Education and Rescue Foundation was founded in 2004 becoming a 501 (c)(3) organization classified with the IRS as a public charity in 2005."

Learn more by visiting:

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the services we provide and the other organizations we support visit us online at:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

We Support Series: Part 5

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is a very important organization in our local area, The Humane Society of Loudoun County!
he Humane Society of Loudoun County, VA (HSLC) is a no-kill, volunteer animal welfare organization founded in 1966 to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, feral, and neglected animals. Their mission is to partner with our community to save more animals and achieve a No Kill Community. Learn more by visiting  their site here.

Learn more about how we can help you settle into a routine and keep your new pet happy once you adopt!!

We Support Series: Part 4

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is an organization very near and dear to our hearts and a lot of clients in our local area, The Loudoun County Animal Shelter/Services!

At the Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS), they work each day to ensure a compassionate, humane community for animals and people. LCAS operates an animal shelter, which provides for companion animals who have been surrendered by their owners or found stray in the county. The shelter also has pets for adoption. Officers enforce local and state animal laws and investigate reports of animal cruelty. In addition, LCAS maintains a lost and found animal directory, issues dog licenses and assists citizens with a variety of animal issues. For more information, contact LCAS at 703-777-0406 or by email.

We would love to help your new pet from LCAS Shelter transition into their new homes with daily pet visits and dog walks! Learn more about the services we can provide at:!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We Support Series: Part 3

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is the Middleburg Humane Foundation!

The Middleburg Humane Foundation specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals that come to their shelter from a vast variety of abusive situations.  After much needed nurturing and medical care, the animals are placed available for adoption. Learn more about MHF at:

To learn more about us and our dog walking/sitting services for after you've adopted that wonderful animal into your life, visit:!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

We Support Series: Part 2

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We are continuing our mini-series this week which highlights these special companies so you can get better acquainted. Up next is Save the Tails!

"Save the Tail’s rescue Group is an all volunteer foster based non profit 501(c)(3) organization. We do not have a shelter or facility, but rely on our foster families to enable us to rescue dogs and puppies from rural area high kill shelters.'

'We specialize in personal service, matching the right dog or puppy to you, your lifestyle and needs.  We purposely have only a few dogs at any one time, so we can pull the right match for you from the thousands of shelter dogs looking for their forever home. We also want to educate people on the importance of spay/neuter while we re-home adoptable  dogs that have little chance of a happy ending without our help."  To learn more about Save the Tails visit their website here

To learn more about us and our dog walking/sitting services for after you've adopted that wonderful dog or cat into your life, visit:!

Monday, August 13, 2018

We Support Series: Part 1

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company thanks all of the wonderful companies and organizations who work to make life better for all the pets in Loudoun County! We want to do a little mini-series which highlights each one, so you can get better acquainted with these wonderful companies. Up first is
PetConnect Rescue!

PetConnect Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization dedicated to placing abandoned dogs and cats in loving homes. PetConnect Rescue was founded in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and has evolved into a vibrant animal rescue organization. PetConnect Rescue is a non breed-specific organization that responds to email and phone pleas for help for dogs and cats imminently slated for euthanasia. They rescue these animals from over-extended local shelters as well as rural shelters from West Virginia to Georgia.

The rescues that come into their care are primarily placed in foster homes, although some are boarded with reputable kennels or trainers. Their foster volunteers provide loving care and socialization for these animals while they await their forever homes. Thanks to donation drives they are able to pass on supplies to our foster families such as crates, food, collars, toys, bedding etc. Learn more by visiting:

To learn more about us and our dog walking/sitting services for after you've adopted that wonderful dog into your life, visit:!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Car Safety When Travelling With Your Pets

Before summer winds down you might be planning a weekend getaway or a road trip to visit family and friends. If you are thinking of bringing your dog along, it's important to recognize how best to travel with your dog and some important car safety tips to keep you both safe along the way!

Thanks to our friends at PetMD, here is an article with a few pet travel items that you might want to consider to best suit your pet.

If you can't take your dogs with you this time, think about hiring a professional and caring pet sitter! Learn more about our services at:

Monday, July 30, 2018

Helpful Tips for Moving With Pets

As summer is winding down and a new school year is approaching some families might be preparing to move into their new home before school starts. Moving with pets can be a difficult process if you don't take necessary steps to ensure a smooth and safe transition for them. Thanks to here is a great graphic with some helpful tips! Some things to remember are:

  • Prepare an Overnight Kit
  • Contact Your Vet
  • Keep Your Pets Away from the Action
  • Take Your Pet in Your Vehicle
  • Don't Let Your Pet Out Until You've Arrived
  • Keep Your Pet Secluded
  • Update Their Info

If you are moving to the Leesburg/Purcellville/Middleburg area in Loudoun County, Virginia and are looking for some extra help with your pet while you adjust to your new life, contact us today! We are available for midday walks as well as overnight pet sitting.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Playful Photos of Well-Loved Dog Toys

Good morning!

We just HAD to share this adorable one-of-a-kind article with you today entitled 'Playful Photos of Well-Loved Dog Toys.' We know how certain toys and stuffed animals can be a comfort for your pet. Not only while you are away but also on a daily basis or through a transition period. That's why when we pet sit we always make sure to know which toys are allowed full time and which are only for supervised play periods.
This article shows professional photos of some well-loved dog toys and explains a little background on each one. Some of these stories are really sweet...enjoy!!

And remember if you're looking for a pet sitter or walker, contact us today!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Pet Sitting In Home vs. Pet Boarding

Summer is in full swing! You are getting ready to go away for a trip and you are wondering should I hire a pet sitter or should I board my pet? Obviously it comes down to your personal preference and what you think your furry loved ones will be most comfortable with. However, there are several things to consider before you make your final choice. Sharing this article from, it brings up several key points to consider. Like is your pet good around other pets and strange people? Or how about if they have any allergies or complicated medicine routines. All of these things are important when deciding whether to board your pet or have a pet sitter come over.

Of course, we are biased and feel that pet sitting is the best option! So if you are looking for caring, reliable and professional pet sitters then contact us today! We will be glad to meet you and your pet for your first, free consultation:!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to Take a Vacation when You Have a Homestead or Small Farm

Good morning everyone!

It's vacation season and you might have already taken a week-long adventure with friends or family or done a few small weekend trips to the beach to enjoy the summer weather and long sunlight hours. However if you own a farm, it is a lot more difficult to get away and involves a significant amount of planning and preparation. For some farm owners it might seem impossible. But we firmly believe with the right hired help (Loudoun Pet Sitting of course!) it can be done.

One small farm owner Alli, shares some tips and advice on how she is able to leave her farm and get away for a vacation. Whether it's hiring the right help, planning ahead, travelling at the right time, or simplifying, Alli shares some of her best kept secrets. To read more about how she prepares for her vacation visit the blog link here.

To hire professional pet sitters and farm help so you can start planning your own vacation away from it all, learn more about our farm sitting services here:

Monday, July 2, 2018

Wishing You and Your Pets a Happy (and Safe) 4th of July!

Good afternoon all!

You may have already heard or seen some fireworks over the weekend but with Wednesday being a holiday there are more to come. Here is a great, quick read about how to help your furry loved ones as stress-free as possible during the fireworks.

Monday, June 25, 2018

How Having a Pet Can Reduce Childrens' Stress

Good afternoon!

Today we are sharing an article from Medical News Today on how having a pet in the home, specifically a dog, can help reduce a child's stress. "We tend to associate stress with adult responsibilities, such as work deadlines or raising a family. However, children can feel stressed too, and long-term stress can have negative effects on their health just as it does on that of adults. New research investigates the effect of having a pet on how children experience stress ("

A study done by researchers from the University of Florida concluded that children who interacted more with their dogs at home, had lower levels of stress and anxiety. "Children who actively solicited their dogs to come and be pet or stroked had lower cortisol levels compared to children who engaged their dogs less. When dogs hovered around or approached children on their own, however, children's cortisol tended to be higher ("

We love our pets and love knowing that they can help not only adults but children too! If you want to continue reading more about the study done by the University of Florida click on the original article link here.

If you are looking for caring professionals to take only the best care of your beloved pet while you are away on vacation this summer, look no further! Contact us at today!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Understanding Types of Rashes on Dogs

Good morning all!

Today we are sharing an informative and thorough article from on dog skin rashes. Now that the weather has gotten warmer, you may notice a mild rash on your dog's belly, or excessive itching. Heat rash could be present and there are some things you can do to help! However there are a variety of causes and types of rashes your canine could get. For example, did you know some breeds like the Golden Retriever are more prone to genetic rash conditions like congenital ichthyosis?

Click on the article link here to learn more about a variety of dog rash types and some remedies you can do to help prevent them!

To learn about our professional pet sitting and dog walking services visit us at:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Vacation Season: Leave Your Pet Sitter Prepared!

Good morning all,

We know that you wish you could bring your pets with you when you travel, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Hiring a professional pet sitter to stay at your home with your pets can help make the time you're away a little less stressful for your pet and help to ease your mind. To make sure everything goes smoothly while you're gone, there are some things you should do to best prepare your sitter for a relaxing stay with your pets, including making a checklist.

Thanks to an article from here are a few tips to help you get started in preparing for your time away from your furry loved ones.

"First, make a folder with some essential safety information for your dog sitter. That way, if an emergency pops up while you're gone, your pet sitter will have all the information she'll need on hand."

"Next, take the time to fill your pet sitter in about your dog's unique characteristics and routines. You know Fido best, so there's no one better to help prepare your sitter on how to care for him correctly."

"You should also make sure you have enough pet supplies to last your four-legged friend the entire length of your trip (and a little longer in case you get held up)."

"Your last step should be to prepare your home for your departure, take care of any safety hazards and spend some one-on-one time with your pooch to get him ready for a few days without you."

To read in depth about each one of these helpful preparation tips including things to leave behind for your sitter, visit the original article link here.  To hire professional, reliable and caring pet sitters for your pets learn more about us at:

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How To Design A Space for Your Dog

Good morning pet lovers!

This morning we are sharing a fun and creative article on different ways to design a safe and inviting space for your dog. Every home is different and designing a great space for your dog can be challenging. Take a look at this article from Bark & Swagger to get some pro tips on creating the perfect space for your dog.

To learn more about our professional pet sitting and dog walking services visit:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Are Mushrooms in Grass After a Rain Dangerous to Dogs?

Good morning,

It's no surprise to all that Mother Nature has given Virginia (and surrounding areas) our fair share of rain the past few weeks. What has seemed like an endless amount of rain has led to taller grass and the growth of new things, like mushrooms. So the real question is...what things are okay for your pup to sample and what things aren't?

"Dogs are curious creatures, sniffing and tasting anything new that appears in their environment. So dog owners must be ever-vigilant to ensure nothing dangerous is eaten by their pets. Although many kinds of mushrooms that appear on lawns after a prolonged period of rain are perfectly safe to consume, many other kinds are not and could land you and your dog at an emergency veterinarian's office." Click here to read the article from to learn more.

To learn more about The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company and how we can best serve you and your furry loved ones, visit:

Friday, May 18, 2018

6 Fruit & Vegetables That Could Improve Your Dog's Health

Good morning!

Today we are sharing an article from The Good Vet and Pet Guide entitled '6 Fruit & Vegetables That Could Improve Your Dog's Health.'

"It’s not always easy to know what’s best for your dog’s health. Sure, quality dog food is necessary, since it already has all the supplements your dog needs. But, these supplements can also come under the form of human food, such as fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you might not believe it, but dogs can eat fruits and veggies just like human beings, and they love them. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a Corgi or a Pomsky, he will definitely enjoy the foods on this list!"

CLICK HERE  to read about their six recommended fruits and vegetables for your dog!

To learn more about our professional dog walking and pet sitting services in Loudoun County Virginia, visit:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pet Sitters 101: How Pet Sitters Work

"Are you heading out of town and can't f­igure out a way to bring your pet along? Would you prefer to simply leave it at home? Unfortunately, you can't just decide to leave it behind and run out the door. Very few pets, if any, are independent enough to spend an extended amount of time at home alo­ne. Fortunately, you can hire a pet sitter to solve all your pet care problems.'

'Hiring a pet sitter benefits you and your pet in several ways. Your pet can stay at home in a safe and familiar environment, eliminating travel-related trauma and allowing your pet to maintain its regular medical care. In addition, you know that your pet is in capable hands without having to impose on family, friends or neighbors. ("

Learn more about Pet Sitting 101 and how it would work with your pets at the full article link here.

To learn more about our professional pet and farm sitting services visit us online at:

Monday, May 7, 2018

Traveling with Your Pet: Summer Dog Safety Tips

Good morning pet lovers!

Last week we experienced some unusually-high temperatures in the area and it looks like they will be returning later this week which means summer heat is right around the corner. We know that summer is also a great time to get a dog or spend extra time with your dog in the longer hours of daylight. But it's critical to make sure that you keep your dog as cool and comfortable as possible so they don't get overheated or dehydrated, especially if you are planning to travel with them this summer!

Thanks to a quick article from Drs Foster and Smith, here are a few points to consider:

1.) Visit your Veterinarian
"Schedule your pet's annual checkup. Depending on where you live, testing your dog for heartworm before starting a preventive is essential, as is controlling parasites like fleas and ticks. While you are there, get a current copy of your pet's medical history and vaccinations to keep with you when you travel.'

2.) Heel the Heat
'Dogs don't sweat like humans. In fact, the only sweat glands on a dog's body are near her paws. Alone, this does little to cool your dog. To aid the cooling process, your dog pants. To help combat summer's heat and humidity, monitor her outdoor time, never leave her in the car, and keep her:

Watered - Keep her home dish full and a travel dish always ready.

Leashed - Prevent her from escaping and getting lost in the hot sun. Be sure she has access to shade wherever she is confined.

Groomed - Help regulate her body temperature by trimming her coat.

Protected - Apply pet-specific sunscreen on her ear tips, nose, and other thinly haired areas.

Minimally Exposed to Direct Sun - Plan outdoor play, jogging, etc during cool hours of the day.'

3.) Pack for Prevention
'Summer is often packed full of fun. But whether your dog accompanies you across town to the park, across the country to relatives, or stays behind in a local kennel, her needs should be top priority. As always, being prepared is the best preventive measure. Before you embark on any expedition, gather:

Medical Records - In an emergency, vaccination and medical records save time. If going out of state or country, have an updated health certificate.

Identification Tags - If lost, this information could quickly reunite you and your pet. If traveling, get a second set of tags with a local contact name and your cell number.

First Aid Supplies - Keep these on hand for medical emergencies or to restock your first aid kit.

Water and Food - Eliminate potential digestive problems with familiar food and water."

To visit the full article link click here.  To get some extra help this summer checking on and looking after your dogs in the heat visit us at:

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May I Introduce…Fido?

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Today we are sharing a great article from Cats International on introducing a new dog to any cats in your home. Of course you want all of your pets to get along and live harmoniously but there are certain steps and precautions you can take to help the transition go smoothly.
"When introducing a dog to a cat, the question is really one of proper dog training. Dogs usually want to chase and play with cats, and cats are usually afraid and defensive. After all, the cat has a lot more to lose if the relationship gets nasty. Once the cat is confident that the dog does not pose a threat, then the opportunity opens for a wonderful friendship to blossom." CLICK HERE to read more from this article with some helpful suggestions for bringing fido into your cat home.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How do I know if my dog is in pain?

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Last week we shared an article about some potentially toxic spring plants for our canine and feline friends. This week we want to dig a little deeper and explore some ways your dog might be trying to tell you they are in pain. Of course we love and know our pets so well that any behavior out of the ordinary will cause us to take notice. However there could be smaller, less obvious ways your dog is trying to tell you something isn't quite right. Thanks to an article from VetsNow, here are a few ways your dog might be trying to communicate pain to you:

1. Antisocial or aggressive behaviour
2. Changes in eating, drinking, and sleeping habits
3. Being more vocal
4. Excessive grooming
5. Heavy panting or altered breathing
6. Mobility issues
7. Signs of agitation
8. Changes in their body and posture

To learn more about each one of these things click here for the original article link. 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

6 Spring Plants That Can be Harmful to Cats and Dogs

Good afternoon pet lovers!

"Spring conjures up images of blossom, birds singing, and flowers blooming. Unfortunately, it’s not as sweet and cheery for our furry companions. Some of the spring plants that grow in your garden or bloom in your vases can actually be dangerous for our four-legged friends. For that reason, it’s vital for animal guardians to be extra vigilant about keeping certain spring blooms away from their homes and gardens. Here are some spring plants that can be harmful to your cats and dogs."

Click here to read the original article and learn about 6 spring plants that can be harmful to your furry friends.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Dog Bite Prevention Week, April 8-14

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Yesterday started Dog Bite Prevention Week and we are sharing some information from Doggone Safety about bite prevention and safety. Here at Loudoun Pet Sitting, we think this is really important information to share because so many people misunderstand dogs! So take a look at the graphic below and follow us on Facebook for more dog bite prevention tips as the week goes on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The 10 best movie dogs of all time

It's Monday and you might be tired from the weekend so today we are sharing a lighthearted and fun post! According to a recent article published from USA Today, here are the 10 best movie dogs of all time:

1. Dug from Up
2. Marley from Marley & Me
3. Beethoven from Beethoven
4. Buddy from Air Bud
5. Hercules, aka The Beast from The Sandlot
6. Lassie from Lassie Come Home
7. Uggie from The Artist
8. Toto from The Wizard of Oz
9. Lady and the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp
10. Chance and Shadow from Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Do you have a favorite movie dog? Maybe one from this list? To view the orginal article and the author's explanation of each one of these talented pups click on the article link here

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Help Prevent Lyme Disease in Pets

Spring is here and soon enough the temperatures will begin to consistently stay warm bringing grass, plants and unfortunately ticks. With tick season being right around the corner we thought it might be good to share this article from Modern Dog Magazine about how to help prevent Lyme Disease for yourself and your pets.

"Lyme disease can affect both humans and companion animals,” Esteve-Gasent said. “Lyme disease is caused by the bacterial pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted by Ixodes ticks—also known as blacklegged or deer ticks. The ticks feed on infected animals—mostly wildlife—and, incidentally, feed on humans and companion animals, which spreads Lyme disease.”

Photo credit: Modern Dog Magazine
'One of the most common signs of Lyme disease in humans is a “bull’s eye” rash on the skin. People who are infected commonly experience flu-like symptoms, including fever and muscle and joint pain. Pets (mostly dogs) that are infected with Lyme disease experience transient fever, anorexia and in some instances arthritis, and can go asymptomatic for long periods of time." (Modern Dog Magazine)

So what can you do to help prevent the risk of Lyme Disease for you and your pets? Do everything you can to prevent tick bites. Luckily for dogs there is a vaccine but for us humans and our equine pets there aren't as many options. Here are a few suggestions to help prevent tick bites:

  • Take advantage of vaccines and preventatives when available
  • Wear long pants and socks when outdoors
  • Tape your socks to your pants to avoid access to your skin
  • Keep longer-haired dogs' coats trimmed to avoid longer hairs for ticks to grab on to
  • Use essential oils and other tick repellant sprays 
  • Do a quick check over after long periods outdoors

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption

Here at Loudoun Pet Sitting Company we love animals of all kinds but we hold a special place for those pets who have been saved and adopted. Today, thanks to our friends at PetFinder, we are sharing an article with tips for the first month you bring an adopted pet home.

For example you might already know that "On the way home, your dog should be safely secured, preferably in a crate. Some dogs find car trips stressful, so having him in a safe place will make the trip home easier on him and you."

But did you know that you should continue to "stick to the original schedule you created, ensuring your dog always has the food, potty time and attention he needs" even after they have fully adjusted?

To read more tips for the first 30 days at home with your new dog visit: 

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