Tuesday, July 25, 2017

9 Tips on How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

August is only a few days away and with it comes the hottest temperatures we usually see during the year. With warmer weather, your pets are more likely to get over heated. So how can you help keep your four-legged friends a bit cooler in this weather?

This article from dogster.com, entitled '9 Tips on How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer,' provides a few suggestions from one dog owner.  Some of them, like keeping the water bowls filled and adding ice cubes might seem pretty straightforward. But others, like using rubbing alcohol to help lower your dog's body temperature aren't as known. Take a look at these nine tips and see what you think!

All of our professional pet sitters and dog walkers are accustomed to be aware of overheating in dogs and know what to do to help prevent it. If you want to hire a professional dog walker in Leesburg that you can trust, contact us today! www.walkingwetnoses.com 

Monday, July 17, 2017

RV Camping Tips For Your Dog

Summer is in full-swing and some of our clients love to enjoy the adventures this country brings by taking RV trips. For those trips that you cannot take your dog along, Walking Wetnoses is here to care for them.

However for some people, taking their small dog along for the trip is part of the adventure. Thanks to this article from Modern Dog Magazine, it details some dog-friendly tips to help make your RV camping trip as dog-friendly as possible.

If you are planning a summer vacation and can't take your dog with you, contact us today! We serve the greater Leesburg, Virginia area and would love to come watch your pup and give you peace of mind.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More Than 1 Pet= Okay By Us!

Good afternoon,

Continuing our series on some frequently asked questions, today's question is this: Do you charge more if I have more than one pet?  

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that with our services, you pay for the time block that you need. Sometimes having more pets mean a longer time block is needed to take care of all of them properly. But we will discuss your particular needs during the initial consultation, so have no fear!

To learn more about our services and other FAQs, visit: www.walkingwetnoses.com