Sunday, December 16, 2018

Home for the Holidays | Guest Blog Spot by Sarah Jones

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company is proudly supporting Sarah's efforts to improve dogs' fortunes in Armenia through her work with Pawsitive Rescue Armenia. Please help her ensure that the dogs in the shelter can get fed TWICE a day through the winter months by supporting her gofundme fundraiser -- and if you have some room  for an adoptee from halfway around the world read on!

Tis the season for pet adoption! A time when families get together and decide to open their hearts and their homes to a new furry friend. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can do this both near and far and make a big difference in a dog's life who otherwise would, sadly, never get adopted in their own country. I never knew this option existed and how easy it is to adopt a dog from overseas until I started volunteering at Pawsitive Rescue in Armenia.

Pawsitive Rescue has a multitude of dogs, like Hamo, Lexie, Bobie, and Neo pictured here, available for adoption in all shapes and sizes, and has several special needs dogs who desperately need a loving home in the US where they can get the care they need and the love they deserve. The best part is there are no adoption fees and for those who cannot afford the transportation (which ranges depending upon the airline, the size of the dog, and how they travel),  Pawsitive Rescue will help you raise the money by reaching out to its supporters and saying “HEY! We found this dog a loving family, help us get him home!”

Previously, adoptions occurred mostly in CA, NY and NC, but now, with the help of The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company, the dogs at Pawsitive Rescue Armenia can be adopted by people and families in the Loudoun County and DMV area.

Dogs hoping for a new home for the holidays are on the Pawsitive Rescue Facebook album called Ready to Adopt. Just click to read their story (google can translate for you if needed, most have English too). If you fall in love with one of them just contact the shelter via Facebook @pawsitivearmenia to let them know you're interested, ask any questions, have a home check done if you are not already a LPSC client, and discuss transportation and timing options with the shelter.

If you are not looking to adopt at the moment, but still want to help, dogs can also be sponsored with monthly donations to the shelter, which pays for veterinary care and shelter expenses for that dog. For more information about sponsoring a dog please contact the shelter via Facebook @pawsitivearmenia.

To contribute to Sarah's efforts to feed the shelter dogs go to PROJECT SANTA PAWS.

Monday, December 3, 2018

HO HO BARK! We're Sending Santa Paws Overseas!

The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company is proud to announce that this holiday season we are partnering with our colleague Sarah Jones in her fundraising campaign PROJECT SANTA PAWS, to feed 2 meals a day during the cold Armenian winter to 127 dogs at the shelter where she is volunteering. At the moment they are only fed once a day.

We believe that all animals around the globe should have the chance to experience care, safety, comfort and love and are excited to help Sarah in her efforts to make a huge difference so far from home. Sarah is the founder of Pawsome Palz Pet Sitting which merged with The Loudoun Pet Sitting Company over the summer.

When Sarah arrived in Armenia with her husband, who is working in the country for a year, she saw the heartbreaking situation regarding stray animals and the serious lack of shelters/support for them. She knew she had to do something and since she couldn't take them in herself, she decided to help those that do by volunteering at Pawsitive Rescue. After hearing the shelter founders mention how much they wish they could feed the dogs twice a day during winter she went from "How can I make this happen for them" to "I'm going to make this happen for them!" If you have ever met Sarah, she never backs down from a challenge, especially one she sets herself.

Therefore in addition to making a donation on in honor of our wonderful clients to Pawsitive Rescue Armenia, we aim to help Project Santa Paws reach audiences both near and far by sharing Sarah's story, information about her campaign and hope our readers will do the same by supporting her efforts.

Pawsitive Rescue is a no-kill shelter, in a low adoption area that runs purely on donations and volunteers like Sarah. We invite you to stay tuned as we will be featuring Sarah as a guest blogger with updates on the positive impact donations make, shelter life abroad and how to adopt these lovable pups,  back to the US.....including a cameo of Kiki, the pup she will be bringing back home with her in the spring to her horse farm in Purcellville, Va.

For more information please visit Project Santa Paws' webpage: or contact Sarah Jones directly at